Thank you for your sincere interest in knowing more about us at TURQUOISE ZETA.


TURQUOISE ZETA CONSULT is a management and development consulting firm located in the heart of Africa, Nigeria. We strive to be a top notch consulting firm that positively impacts the social, economic and health development of Africa. We build on current competence and develop networks that realize the solutions to the emerging needs and trends in Africa.

With an objective to providing grand and ace quality solution to emerging needs, TURQUOISE ZETA has given it’s embark to meet your technical requirements a level beyond. Comprised of professionally technical trained heads, TURQUOISE ZETA offers wide and extensive services in all its distinctive domains including: MONITORING & EVALUATION, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, POPULATION EDUCATION & ADVOCACY, DEMOGRAPHIC PROJECTION, and DATA MANAGEMENT.


          Worthy of note is our EXTRA VALUE SERVICES which is capable of fetching and saving you a million dollar with value innovation. We strive hard and give our possible best efforts to render supreme services to all genres of customers! We strongly fuse with commitments and produce quality turnouts in the fastest turn around. Outstanding customer support, quality services and fastest turn around has together made us stand ahead from the crowd.


          TURQUOISE ZETA has a broad experience in analyzing programs and services, and evaluating results. Our expertise lies in translating data into strategic information that offers insight. TURQUOISE ZETA has experience in all phases of primary and secondary data collection, analysis and reporting. We have expert knowledge in data collection through focus groups, interviews, and written and electronic surveys.


          Recognising the strategic importance of data quality and process efficiency, our team of experienced project officers and technical consultants are uniquely positioned to deliver tried and tested solutions to your varying requirements.

Whether it’s to design and implement a sound Monitoring & Evaluation System, or to assist in the outcome or impact evaluation of development projects, design and conduct socio-economic surveys, or to conduct multi-disciplinary studies and develop strategic plans for a sector, sub-sector or value chain, TURQUOISE ZETA offers professional services that are adapted to the client specific needs and requirements.


          Whatsoever may be your demands, just take a moment to contact us. We, the leading professionals are ready to assist you in meeting your requirements. Trust us, and we will assure you 100% guaranteed solution that worth all your money spent! We not just commit and escape rather we commit, accomplish and give you stupendous assistance in getting you to meet your goals.


Chief Advisor - TZC