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Working in an organization you undoubtedly understand what needs to be done for your business, department or team is one. But sometimes you don't have 

the time, expertise or resources to get it done. And in this time of increasing emerging needs, recycling process experiences is probably not an option. Even with a full team there may be just enough capacity to only get through the day-to-day work.


          You may feel overwhelmed or frustrated because there never seems to be a way to accomplish the new business development, program planning, outcomes evaluation, or those specialised tasks. TURQUOISE ZETA CONSULT is your option when you need the skilled practitioners to work with you on an extended basis or to complete a time-limited project without creating resistance.


The dynamic and innovative company specializes in Monitoring & Evaluation, Population Education & Advocacy, Research & Development, Data Management and Demographic Projection for private and public organizations that seek to undertake sound infrastructural and socio-economic projects to support their national or corporate goals. Our goal is to assist and advice organizations to uncover opportunities and resolve problems for effective and efficient performance and impact.TURQUOISE ZETA consultants combine objectivity, expert knowledge and fresh ideas to add greatly to the success of our clients.


          TURQUOISE ZETA is ready to offer you wholesome service experiences, as we are ready to assist you to move beyond just getting through the day-to-day goals. Let's work together so you can complete the special projects or interventions, solve problems, make evidence-based decisions, provide strategic information and accomplish your goals. 


Welcome to our World.