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Monitoring & Evaluation

TZC designs monitoring frameworks and tools for the collection of quality data and information, which is used in compiling project progress reports, strategic and business plans. We work to bring out the output, outcome and impact of programs, policies and interventions in order to reveal the level of performance and success achieved. Our monitoring is designed to highlight whether organizational objectives and the implementation of projects are either on track, or require corrections and improvements to achieve impact.

                As part of delivering quality evaluations, we ensure that the evaluation meets the information requirements of the intended users (donors, executing agencies, beneficiaries). Our evaluation is realistic, prudent, diplomatic, and cost-effective, and is undertaken in an ethical manner, which accounts for the best interests of stakeholders. The evaluation conveys technically complete information thereby enabling the end-users to accurately determine the merit of the intervention.


Research & Development 

We conduct Research and Surveys (Market, General or Specific) that proffer solution to social problems and challenges of human existence. The research or survey can be commercial, socio-economic or political. We believe that research should make ideas stronger. The way ideas work in research is core to our thinking. We have carried out our own research and development to define the optimal way to research creative ideas. Fundamentally, we engage in studies and services targeted at creating value that will improve the standard of living of people and guarantee continued thriving of livelihood.

Population Education & Advocacy

For proper implementation of programs, policies and interventions; there is the need for appropriate sensitization of the populace. TZC serves as the link bridge between programs, policies and interventions and creating the awareness to guarantee populace understanding of the intentions of the programs, policies and interventions towards sustainable development.

This can also be useful for campaigns during election and any other kinds of campaign.


Demographic Projection

In order to help an organization transform we must understand and align to a company’s key initiatives, and gain a broader understanding of the demographic composition and structure. This helps prioritize project phases, as well as start aligning with best practices.

                Projection is essential for proper planning in order to guide against inadequacies in program implementation, economic planning and development. The change in demographic structures of an area at a base time is crucial to foretelling what to have at a future time as well as what infrastructures and plans to have for the future time.



Data Management

TZC has experience in all phases of primary and secondary data collection, analysis and dissemination. We have expert knowledge in data collection through focus groups, interviews, and written and electronic surveys. Services include: NEEDS ASSESSMENT, DATA INVENTORY, PRODUCT EVALUATION, CLIENT PROFILES, AUDITS AND EVALUATION OF OUTCOME MEASURES & METRICS AND DASHBOARDS.

Availability of Data is highly important in all spheres and for diverse usage. Besides, the emphasis on generation and processing of quality data for policy and program management through data gathering, screening, editing, entry, cleaning, analysis and dissemination for knowledge management.


Extra Value Services

TZC offers advisory services to businesses, programs, policies and interventions through Value Innovation in performance.